Hello from the Pacific!


Incidentally, this stock photo serves as a fair introduction to my new life. It’s also quite pretty.

This is (I believe) my third online blog, but considering the time since my last blogger update – along with how far I’ve come as a person since then – I’ve decided to start anew with a friendlier, fresher site to process my more casual thoughts… and to make room for all the academic ones I will have to produce this next year 🙂

The purpose of this blog will be to jump start old habits (like blogging and creative writing), keep my family and friends updated on events, and maybe share a fun thought or two about San Diego, mental health, psychology, or attempts at a healthier lifestyle 🙂 Regardless of the content, I do hope you find it enjoyable.

But first, I still have to sort my way through homesickness, GPS dependence, and dusting off the cobwebs of my creativity, so forgive the smorgasbord of photos, thoughts, and creative ideas! In the meantime, stay tuned for some retrospective updates as I catch up on the past two weeks.

Just for now, enjoy the meager photos of our migration across the Southwestern-Pacific border. Twenty hours of blue sky, straight road, and mountain selfies!



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