Long-distance Valentine’s, music, and distractions

In graduate school, I picked up the guitar in the hopes of balancing scientific academia with the smallest sliver of musical creativity I exercised while still in school. I played alto saxophone (ironic, because I didn’t like jazz at the time), and played the violin through college. Like any doctorate in training, I thought I needed tunnel vision to prepare for my future career.

Not surprising I was wrong. Everyone needs a hobby. Even if it only means picking up a guitar when you’re stressed (or constantly distracted).

Here’s a bit of what happens when you give your mind a break :).

When Nathan and I lived together in Texas, I would always annoy the hell out of him busting out my guitar in the office during writing blocks while he (unsuccessfully) continued to write. Thought I’d remind him of it on Valentine’s Day. ❤

Hope all of you found a way to remind the people you love that they’re appreciated, even if they’re four states away! 🙂


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