Toronto/Neurotrauma/Niagara Falls – August 2018

After leaving Sonoma/Napa Valley and quickly crashing the last day of APA2018 in SF, I jetted off on a red-eye to Toronto, promptly switching mindsets from romantic getaway tourist to academic professional.

First impressions of Toronto? Their architects and construction companies must be the same people, lol. The skycrapers were all the same! It was fairly obvious from my AirBnB, a condo on the 65th floor looking over the Financial District:



Neurotrauma 2018 also served as the pinnacle showcase of all the work I’d done this entire past year. There were a total of four posters I had to present… though considering Neurotrauma is either basic or clinical science, with a focus on either SCI or TBI, psychometric work wasn’t exactly the highlight of the sessions.


One of the major highlights was Geoff Manley, the principal investigator of TRACK-TBI (the study that pays my salary), discussing my work for a few minutes during his symposium:

2018-08-13 12.28.28

In true fashion, I did sneak away from Neurotrauma to do some sightseeing. Ripley’s Aquarium was a pretty fantastic late-night getaway:



And of course, I took an entire day to head over to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Spent six total hours on public transportation for five hours walking around a gorgeous national landmark. I didn’t get the chance to do any of the attractions (Journey Behind the Falls, zipline, and Hornblower Boat Cruise particularly) due to lack of planning, but I really enjoyed just sitting and feeling the mist on my face, even from so far up:



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After I realized I had no time after sitting (contemplating life, whatever), I strolled through Clifton Hill, which made me feel like a little kid again…



I rounded the trip walking around Toronto’s Financial District in between conference stuff, including St. Lawrence Market and Neo Coffee:


My last day in Toronto, I surprisingly woke up at 6:10 am for no reason (shrug) – though I got this GORGEOUS sunrise shot below as a result. Thanks Toronto, for an amazing trip! 🙂

2018-08-16 06.47.58


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