Mary Oliver

9.10.1935 – 1.17.2019

All through my Reno trip I stopped at every bookstore that came across my way. After a couple visits, I kept noticing front sections on Mary Oliver – had she come out with another collection? The last I read was Dog Songs... and that had been years ago. No… I’d come to learn she’d finally passed.

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Aside from her probably most cited poem (above), I loved how she captured a single, present moment in her work – juxtaposing her inner voice with the external world around her, finding some simple example of nature as a voice for what we often find inexplicable in our own hearts and minds.

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Still one of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver

What I love most in her work is the ability to acknowledge our own personal turmoil with the beautiful world that refuses to yield to it – and the willingness to invite and accept both into our reality. Some of my favorites from her…

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I’ve been pouring over my own favorites form her the past few days for some inspiration. Thought I would post them for my morning and to share a few good words to jumpstart the rest of the week, and the end of a (long) month!! ❤ 🙂

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